We believe every learner will make outstanding progress, build confidence and enjoy Art during their time at our school. 

We ensure the exciting world of art, craft and design is reflected in the classroom to allow creativity to flourish. Ongoing evaluation ensures the cultural and creative development of learners. Experienced staff utilise skills to support the therapeutic elements of the subject. We aim to challenge preconceived ideas, promote taking risks and encourage learners to broaden their own cultural capital. Learners are introduced to a variety of art made in different countries, cultures, in different time periods and art that enhances and identifies British Values.


In KS3 each scheme of work is planned to include a range of 2d and 3d elements, increasing learners’ confidence and creativity. A broad range of experiences is designed to stimulate imagination and originality. This approach allows for an appreciation of art to develop and supports learners re-integrating back into mainstream settings, aiming to fill their skill gaps.


KS4 learners complete personalised portfolios, based on their own interests as starting points. Where possible learners develop existing skills and learners new to art are encouraged to use a range of different media. We aim to ensure our KS4 learners access a wide range of opportunities to explore and develop their individual ideas, culminating in unique creative choices with their work. 


Learners’ access accreditation that is appropriate to their ability, this includes, Arts Award, BTEC Introductory units in Art and Design, GCSE Art, Craft and Design and GCSE Photography.

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