‘Expanding Horizons’

Together with the Rowan Learning Trust (RLT) we are committed to providing a first-class education which meets the needs of individual learners and prepares them for life beyond school by removing barriers to participation and achievement.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a safe, caring, happy and nurturing community where:

  • everyone can learn through supportive interaction, experience and success;
  • emphasis is placed upon personal development, learning and fulfilling the potential that exists in each one of us;
  • each learner is supported holistically;
  • each learner receive provision that is tailored to meet their individual academic and social-emotional needs, giving them the skills they need to improve their life chances;
  • learners take responsibility for their lives, their learning and their decisions;
  • working in partnership with stakeholders is a high priority;
  • the concerns of parents/carers are listened to and acted upon where possible so that the needs of their children are effectively met.

Our aim

Our aim is for each and every member of our community to gain an understanding of their inherent value and the value of others and to enable them to go on to become independent people ready and able to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

By putting the interests of the learners at the core of all that we do we aim to:

  • foster high expectations, aspirations and a ‘can do’ approach in all members of our community;
  • provide a nurturing, restorative and structured learning environment where everyone can feel safe, secure, and valued;
  • develop all learners academic potential and emotional literacy by meeting their individual needs;
  • identify and change aspects of behaviour that are contributory to difficulties experienced in school;
  • support learners to make good progress in all aspects of learning enabling them to move on in their learning journey either returning to mainstream school; transferring to specialist provision or accessing post-16 opportunities and the world of work;
  • provide opportunities for learners to gain appropriate qualifications for future pathways;
  • support mainstream schools in the development and delivery of effective strategies to support positive behaviour;
  • develop learners resilience, integrity, self-esteem, self-confidence and citizenship in a climate of mutual respect and tolerance;
  • provide learning opportunities that are fun where we are able to laugh and enjoy each other’s sense of humour.

Our values

We value each other as unique members of our school community.  We show this through:

  • Creativity – being curious about the world and developing independent thinking skills;
  • Integrity – being truthful, reliable, trustworthy, and sincere;
  • Kindness – to ourselves and each other;
  • Leadership - Leading by example and modelling the behaviours we wish to see in others;
  • Resilience – many things in life are not easy but we do not give up or give in;
  • Respect – for ourselves, for each other, our family & friends, our community and the environment;
  • Responsibility – taking responsibility for our own learning, our behaviour and our future;
  • Tolerance – learning to accept others often allows us to become accepted in return.

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Our Whelley office is open 8:15am to 3:00pm daily, except for Wednesday when it closes at 2:00pm

Our Hindley office is open 8:15am to 3:30pm daily, except for Wednesday when it closes at 2:45pm

All enquiries should, in the first instance, be directed to the school office staff who will then direct them to the most appropriate person to deal with.

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Leyland Park House, Park Road,
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