Uniform Expectations

These are explained at the initial parental meeting.  As learners have often been to more than one school we have tried to ensure that our uniform expectations do not require significant additional costs to parents / carers and wherever possible reflect the expectations of the mainstream schools who we work alongside as it is our aim to return our learners to mainstream provision. 

Almost all of our uniform can be bought at supermarkets and high street shops.  In addition, we have a small stock of second-hand uniform available.

New single registered learners are provided with a school sweatshirt on joining the school. Additional Three Towers sweatshirts can be bought either from us or directly from AC Sports in Pemberton.

All single registered learners must wear:

  • Black tailored trousers – No leggings, sports/tracksuit, combat or jeans/jeans type pants. Track suit pants must not be worn underneath school pants.
  • Plain white polo shirt – t-shirts worn underneath must not be visible, so stick to plain white
  • Black Three Towers sweatshirt – No hoodies or other sweatshirts
  • Sturdy plain black shoes or plain black trainers – no logos/patterns or colours
  • Sensible, waterproof outdoor coat

For PE learners should wear plain black shorts or tracksuit bottoms or black leggings and a white t-shirt with trainers.  PE kit can be provided if required.

Outdoor clothing is provided for those learners who have outdoor education on their timetables.

Hair styles must be of a natural colour, of reasonable length (minimum No 2 if shaved and without patterns).  Long hair must be kept clear of the eyes at all times for health & safety reasons and must be tied up when doing PE, science, cooking etc.

Jewellery is restricted to a wrist watch and a ring.  For Health & Safety reasons no other jewellery should be worn.

Earrings – a maximum of two small stud earrings per lobe is allowed.  Hoops or other earring piercings are not allowed.  Earrings must be removed for PE and swimming.  Ear stretchers are NOT allowed

Other piercings including facial piercings (nose, lips, eyebrows, tongue etc.) are not allowed.  They must be removed for school.  No plastic versions or plasters covering such piercings are allowedPlease not that all piercings have to be removed for school irrespective of when they were done. Therefore, we advise new piercings are done at the start of the school summer holiday so that they are sufficiently healed to be removed once term starts.  Absence from school to allow piercings to heal will not be authorised.

Make-up, false lashes and false nails. Make up and false lashes if worn should be subtle.  False nails are allowed however for health & safety reasons they must be of a sensible length ie no longer than 5mm past the end of the finger and of a natural colour (French polish or nude colours only)

Primary learners who attend part time on an Intervention Place

Dual registered learners wear their mainstream school uniform with a on the days they attend Three Towers.  Sturdy traditional school shoes and a sensible outdoor coat are required in line with the learners’ mainstream school uniform expectations.  For PE, learners again should wear what would be expected at their mainstream school.

Please refer to your child’s school uniform policy for further guidance.

Offsite at Vocational or Work Experience Placements

Learners should follow the dress code stipulated by the alternative provider as they are best placed to ensure that the clothing is appropriate to the activities being undertaken and do not pose a health and safety risk to the learner.  If specialist uniform is required, it will be provided for learners e.g. Rigga boots for construction.

Remote learners

Learners attending remote (online) lessons must be suitably dressed and wear their Three Towers sweatshirt.  When attending onsite sessions learners are expected to wear full school uniform.

Travelling to and from school

Learners must travel to school and arrive wearing correct uniform; those who do not will be required to either change into spare uniform or return home to change and then return. 

Persistent refusal to meet uniform expectations, including refusal to remove piercings is dealt with under the Behaviour & Relationships Policy.

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