Key Stage 3

Learners are taught in mixed ability and mixed aged teaching groups of up to 8 within this key stage and teaching staff are reflective and plan accordingly for learners’ individual needs.  Most lessons are 55 minutes long.

Learners accessing full time provision in a Key Stage 3 group receive a full and varied curriculum with the number of lessons allocated outlined below.  However, the development of literacy, numeracy skills and social emotional and behaviour management are priority with KS3 groups to assist in re-integration back into a mainstream school.

Learners have access to appropriate E-safety sessions designed to meet the needs of our learners with topics being flexible to meet any issues or concerns which may arise during the time a learner is with us.  Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is provided at levels appropriate to the age and maturity of the learner through PSHE lessons.

Wednesday, or Well-being Wednesday is an integral part of our personal development curriculum when the focus shifts to the complementary, therapeutic work we do that is designed to address the prime SEMH needs of those referred to us. Our learners select from a wide range of topics that enhance and enrich their development as well as "broadening their horizons" and boosting their wellbeing. Learners are encouraged and supported to try new activities such as crafting, rambling and singing - activities which add cultural capital through learners' social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.  These elctive activities give them a chance to develop new skills or interests which have the potential to develop into life-long hobbies and support their positive mental health.  More information about however this aspect of our curriculum helps wellbeing can be found by clicking the following link 5 Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing | Anna Freud

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